Iris Show
Judges Handbook

The South Australian Iris Show

Dates for the 2016 South Australian Iris Show are 22nd, 23rd October


Doors open to the public Saturday 11.00 to 5.00

                                          Sunday 10.00 to 4.00


The 2016 Show will feature

2 halls full of iris displays, many iris plants for sale, a trading table (selling craft, baking and other plants), a face-painter and lovely refreshments. There is also a raffle with many prizes.

2015    Show  click on image to see larger photo

General Cuts




Floral Design


Plant Sales








2014 Show  

Iris Cut           click on images to see larger photo

Tall Bearded Iris


Iris Seedlings                                                                             Novice Entries


Beardless Iris

Grand Champion Iris - Jim Nairn, Pacific Coast Iris                          Champion Bearded Iris - Mellissa Schiller, Stop Flirting



Champion Novice - Mellisa Schiller, Romantico                           Champion Floret - Colleen Modra, Erotic Touch



Best Seedling



Floral Design


Grand Champion - Joy Maxwell, Pedestal Design                                 Reserve Champion, Trish Langdon



Peoples' Choice Award, Viv Bradley



2014 SA Iris Show Results

Bearded Iris - Open

TB Stems

Class 2 - Black

1st           Ghost Train – CM

2nd          Houdini – MS

3rd         Black Phantom – MS

Class 3 – Blue. Purple

1st           Stop Flirting – MS

2nd          Deja Blue – CM

3rd          Christmas Present –JN

Class 4 – Red. Brown

1st           Romantantic Gentleman – SW

2nd          Chestnuts Roasting – CM

3rd          Saturn – CM

Class 5 – Orange. Apricot

1st – Samurai Silk – Steve Ward

2nd          Pretty Swish – MS

3rd          Samurai Silk – CM

Class 6 – Pink

1st           Role Model – SW

2nd          Court Dancer – MS

No third

Class 7   yellow

1st           Bahloo – SS

2nd          Speculator – CM

3rd          Speculator – CM

Class 8 – White

1st           Destined to Dance – MS

2nd          Crisis – CM

3rd          Debutante’s Kiss – CM

Class 9 – Plicata, luminata

1st           Better Loosen Up – CM

2nd          Tennison Ridge – MS

3rd          Shiralee – MS

Class 10 Bitone, Bicolour, Fancy

1st           Nordic Seas – CM

2nd          All About Mitchell – SW

3rd          Perfect Strangers – CM

Class 11 Amoema, Variegata, Neglecta

1st           Starring – CM

2nd          Starring – MS

3rd          Revere  - SS

Class 12 Novelty

1st           none

2nd          Freedom Flight – SW

3rd          Iron Eagle – Cm


Class 13 Median Stems

1st           Devil May Care – JT

2nd          Devil May Care – JT

3rd          Pink Kitten – SR

TB Florets –open

Class 20  Blue, purple

1st           Double Bubble – CM

2nd          Taj Regis – CM

3rd          Kathleeen Kay Nelson – CM

Class 21 Red, Brown

1st            Erotic Touch – CM

2nd          Picante – CM

3rd          none

Class 22  Orange, Apricot

1st           Barbara My Love

2nd           none

3rd          none

Class 23 Pink

1st           none

2nd          Dancing In Pink – CM

3rd          none

Class 24 Yellow

1st            Dancing in Lemon – CM

2nd          Sunblaze – CM

3rd          None

Class 25 White

1st           Crisis – CM

2nd          Debutante’s Kiss – CM

3rd          None

Class 26 Plicata, Luminata

1st           Monmarte – CM

2nd          Gallery – CM                       

3rd              Gallery – CM

Class 27  Bitone, Bicolour, Fancy

1st           Louisa’s Song – CM

2nd           Louisia’s Song – CM

3rd          English Charm – CM

Class 28 Amoema, Variegata, Neglecta

1st              Reckless Abandon - CM

2nd          Guetemala – CM

3rd          none

Class 29               Novelty

1st           Total Chaos – MS

2nd          None

3rd          None

Class 30 Other Bearded

1st          Zinglet – CM

2nd          Burnished Star - CM

3rd          Batik – CM

Best Tall Bearded Stem – Stop Flirting – MS

Best Other Bearded  Stem – Devil may Care - JT

Best Floret – Erotic Touch – CM

Beardless - Open


Class 33   1 stem

1st           unkown – JT

2nd          unknown –JT

3rd          Dural White Butterfly – VB


Class 38 3 stems

1st           Clara Ellen, Fly So High – JT

2nd          Gold Price, Highline Lavender, Snow Hawk – JT

3rd          none

Class 39  1 stem

20           Vintage Year – SS

26           unknown – VB

20           Northern Muse – SS

Dutch Iris

Class 41  3 Stems distinct

1st           JN

2nd          none

3rd          none

Class 42                  3 stems

1st              Eye Of The Tiger – JN

2nd          none

3rd          none

Class 43 – 1 stem

1st           Eye Of The Tiger – JN

2rd          Hildegard – JN

3rd          none

Pacific Coast

Class 47  3 distinct

1st – JN

Class 46 – 1 stem

1st           Seedling – JN

2nd          Twist Of Brilliance – CM

3rd          European Mist - CM



Class 48 Species

1st           iris foetidissima – JT

2nd          iris sentensii – JT

3rd          iris foetidissima – JT



Class 49 – 3-7 Stems

1st           Watsonia – JN

2nd          Watsonia - JN

3rd          none

Class 48 – 1 stem

1st           Watsonia – JN

2nd          Watsonia – JN

3rd          none


Best Louisiana – JT

Best Spuria – SS

Best Dutch – JN

Best Other Beardless – JN

Best Species – Jt

Best iridaceae - JN




Class 53 – White, Yellow, Pink  Stem

1st           N088-08 –CM

2nd          N062-06 – CM

3rd          none

Class 54 – Orange, Apricot Stem

1st           N035-10 – CM

2nd          N035-19 – CM

Class 59 Other Bearded Stem

1st           none

2nd          I157-01 BB – CM

3rd          none

Class 63 Pink, White, Cream, Yellow Floret

1st           N048-15 – CM

2nd          N037-06 – CM

3rd          N057-08 – CM

Class 64 Plicata Luminata Floret

1st           J160-05 – CM

2nd          none

3rd          none

Class 65 – Bitone, Bicolour, Amoena, Variegata etc Floret

1st           N031-04 – CM

2nd          N058-19 – CM

3rd          N052-11 – CM

BEST SEEDLING – Colleen Modra - N031-04 – CM

Potted Plant

Class 74               Bearded Iris In Bloom

1st           Unknown – VB

2nd          Rare Treat – MG

3rd          none

Class 75 Beardless iris In Bloom

1st           none

2nd          Under Cover - VB


Novice Class



Class 77 Self Stem

1st           unknown – RAH

2nd          Quito – RAH

3rd          Country Kisses – RAH

Class 80 Novelty Stem

1st           Mesmerizer – RAH

Class 82 TB Floret

1st           Romantico – MS

2nd          Acoma – RAH

3rd          Picasso Moon – IO

Class 85 Other Bearded Stem

1st           Devil’s Playground – SR

2nd          Rumble – SR

3rd          none


Class 86               Other Beardless

1st           iris setosa – IO

2nd          iris setosa – IO

BEST NOVICE – Romantico – MS

GRAND CHAMPION IRIS  - Jim Nairne – Pacific Coast

RESERVE CHAMPION IRIS – Melissa Schillar – Stop Flirting




Class 88 Wood Has Winning Ways

1st           John Turner

2nd          Joy Maxwell

3rd          Viv Bradley

Class 89 Simply Iris

1st           Joy Maxwell

2nd          John Turner

3rd          Viv Bradley

Class 90 Interpret The Name Of An Iris

1st           Trish Langdon – Serene Seas

2nd          Joy Maxwell – Bubbling Over

3rd          John Turner

Class 91 Pedestal For Hotel Foyer

1st           Joy Maxwell

2nd          Viv Bradley

Class 93 Wearable Fashion

1st           Viv Bradley

2nd          none

3rd          none


Champion Floral Design - Joy Maxwell – Pedestal

Reserve Champion Design - Trish Langdon – Serene Seas


CLASS 100  Arts And Crafts

1st            Rosemary turner – cross stitch cushion

2nd          Rosemary Turner – quilt

3rd          Sue Stribley – painting (Secret Garden)



JN – Jim Nairne

CM – Colleen Modra

RAH – Ruth Ashley-Hall

RT – Rosemary turner

JT – John Turner

SW -  Steve Ward

SS – Sue Stribley

IO – Ingrid Ormay

JM – Joy Maxwell

TL – Trish Langdon

SR – Sam Ryks

VB – Viv Bradley

MG - Mark Girndt

SH – Sue Haddrick

MS – Melissa Schiller

JM – Jennifer McKay


NOTE –“ none” against a result indicates “no award given” or “no other entries”